My loving patterns are confused

Seems all through life I've been abused.
Not counting one or two exceptions,
​The rest have mostly been rejections.

Assuming it is I who draws
This truly undesired effect,

What fatal flaw might be the cause?
Life is a mirror, I reflect.

Why does a woman of my stature,
Devotedly seeking harmonious rapture,
Give so much, getting so much less -
​Continually accepting pain and stress?

Instead of the love which is my goal -
A mutual sharing of heart and soul
​In joyous spontaneity -
​I've too often settled for enmity.

Whatever of the past, deep-rooted,
​Engages me with mates, ill-suited,
Today I find I'm sick of it.
​Old time-worn habits no longer fit.

Further, I've awakened to a fact...
​Many things which we don't select,
Nonetheless, we still attract,
​Simply because we don't reject.

So I now claim the love I've not received,
Completely disclaiming all neglect.
​I'll keep giving and trusting, but won't be deceived -
​And I won't pay for love with my self-respect.  

​ ​​​​​​​​​Amy Taylor,LMHC

​  ​​There Is Always Hope!

You change your Outer World
by changing
Your Inner World! 

​Morning Song

​​​​In the stillness of the morning, I awaken to a song...
All the sounds of life around me - and I want to sing along
With a voice of love I’m feeling for this day and all it holds…
For the sun that shines in heaven’s skies and deep within my soul. 

Looking back upon my journey to the place where I began…
All I sought beyond was right here, in the brotherhood of man.
I am freedom, ever soaring, no more envying the birds...
All the answers lie within me.  In the stillness, they are heard.

​    You hold in your mind and heart Unlimited Possibilities for                             happiness, health and wholeness.

      You have the Power to Change the way you think and feel ...

          to Transform your Life into everything you want it to be.

A ​Women's Worth

​      Believe in your deepest dreams and desires

           for they so often are reflections of your Path and Purpose, ​                  and can lead you to the fulfillment of your Destiny!

The Path of Wholeness

​ ​​​​​​ Integrative Psychotherapy & Practical Spirituality

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One of the most powerful affirmations

you can tell yourself...

It's either Good or it's Gone.

My brothers and sisters, come walk with me
​We're all seeking the Path that will let us be free.
​In your lives of the present you're shackled with pain
​You search for the sun, while you drown in the rain
​You grope in the darkness in search of a key 
​And some sense of direction in which you can flee.

It's as if you were held by a monstrous hand
​The motives of which you cannot understand.
​It constricts round your throat with unmerciful might
And you cannot break loose, though you frantically fight,
​So you yield to the will of this giant you dread,
​And pantomime living, while inside you feel dead.

​Fear is the giant that's blinding your sight
​And preventing your pursuing that beckoning light.
​Though you're suffering in your current reality,
​You're afraid to risk the loss of your security.
Don't you know, to find your future you've got to venture from the past?
​Are you giving up so great a prize for inner peace, at last?

Look deep in your soul and believe who you are -
You are incarnate light, you're your own guiding star.
​There's a long path to walk and it's not very wide
​But it leads to God's peace, and it's right there inside.
​Face the truth, you've got to live it - ​you can't do it just with talk
​Drop the chains that hold you bondage and be free, for once, and walk!

​My brothers and sisters, come walk with me
​We're all seeking the Path that will let us be free.