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​ ​​​​​​​​​Amy Taylor,LMHC

​ ​​​​​​  Integrative Psychotherapy & Practical Mysticism

​​​​​You're finally ready to have the sense of  deep-down happiness and inner peace you've been wanting for some time now! 
The counseling we do together can really bring you the happiness and peace you're looking for.  Whether you are on a journey of personal or spiritual growth, or are trying to cope with life problems, relationship issues, anxiety, depression..... I offer you positive, spiritual, solution focused coaching  and  teaching.   Together, we'll be guided to the answers you need through inner awareness, spiritual truth, and the principles of law of attraction. 

No matter what kind of problems you're dealing with, all healing is spiritual.  This doesn't mean that we don't look for insights and understanding.  It means that instead of analyzing and diagnosing, we look at problems with the intention of finding your personal underlying truths and the constructive answers that work best for you.  We focus on identifying and changing negatives.  We discover and develop positives.  

We talk honestly and openly.  You'll find that I hear you in a way you've seldom been heard before. 

I not only hear what you're saying, I also hear what you're not saying.  And we use the awareness we gain to help you  understand what's really going on inside you - so we can find the best solutions for your well-being.

​Unlike traditional therapists, I'm willing to voice an opinion or make a suggestion, if it helps.  

I know you want feedback that's more than what your friends can give you - and I'm glad to be able to give you that. 

I'm here to show you how to change the things you choose to change - and to help you deal with those changes as you make them.   

I know you want to become the best, happiest, most peace-filled person you can be - and it will be my joy to guide you and back you up through it all with insight, encouragement and direction.   

​​I also have some Unique and Powerful Tools to share with you ...       

​​ThoughtWatching... a truly effective way to recognize and change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can feel deep-down good - no matter what's going on in your life.   (You can learn more about my book, THOUGHTWATCHING​, on this website).

Holistic Energy Healing... ​the energy of memories, experiences and unresolved emotions can get trapped in your body, mind and spirit.  This so often is what causes you to sabotage yourself when you try to make changes and move forward.  It can make you repeat thoughts, feelings and behaviors you want to be free of, but can't seem to let go of.  Holistic Energy Healing can unblock and remove those unwanted energies - allowing for a new healthier, happier you. 

Quick, Easy, Deep Meditation... In minutes, you'll feel a light and life-filled connection with something great and wonderful inside you - and I'll show you how to get back to that space again whenever you want.

Therapeutic Meditation​...This is such a powerful way to bring enormous healing and change to even your most deeply-rooted blocks and problems.

The Bottom Line 

We want to have enough time in each session to really accomplish some good things, so ...

Each session is a full 90minutes.  The cost: $150.  ​​​ Payment is by cash, check or PayPal.  I don't accept insurance.